Breast Reduction 5


Age: 21
Weight: 216 lbs
Pre-op Bra Size: 38M
Top Photo: Before
Bottom Photo: Five months post-op
Details: Removed 2212g from right breast and 2203g from left breast.

She has had large breasts since the fourth grade & problems due to their size have only gotten worse. She complained of pain in the back, neck & shoulders along with bra strap grooving & rashes under her breasts. She found it difficult to exercise & was unable to find supportive bras. Her neck & shoulder pain increased each time she tried to exercise. We discussed free nipple grafting vs pedicle reduction. She understood that for such a large reduction it may be neccessary to remove the nipple & replacing it. We were able to do a reduction leaving her nipples attached. Her pain is resolved, nipple sensation was preserved, & she has a much more proportional breast size.

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Breast Reduction Patient 4 Front View

Breast Reduction 4