Breast Lift 4


Age: 63
Weight: 118 lbs
Top Photo: Before
Bottom Photo: One month post-op
Details: Removed 2212g from right breast and 2203g from left breast.

This patient had a breast augmentation with saline implants about 15 years ago by a different surgeon. A year and a half ago she exchanged her saline implants with silicone implants and had a breast lift with a Wise pattern performed by a different surgeon. She was unhappy with her breasts and felt they were not adequately lifted. In addition, her incisions from the last surgery were red, scarred and had painful and it was uncomforatble to sleep on her side. We discussed proceeding with a revision breast lift to elevate the entire base of the breast to a higher position and also to remove some of her painful scars. She has done very well, is pleased with the new breast position and no longer has any pain in her scars.

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