Plastic surgery is not always about the physical aspect. Dr. Eric Fynn-Thompson believes that these unique surgeries can also impact a person’s life in an extremely positive way, helping to boost self-confidence and generate a refreshed outlook on one’s life.

Dr. Fynn-Thompson also understands that patients do not always know which procedure is best for them when they first walk through the doors, and he will provide you with recommendations as to which options are available to you to achieve your goals — whether it is a surgical or non-surgical approach.

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From excess skin removal to liposuction, Dr. Fynn-Thompson offers a variety of body contouring procedures to meet your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Fynn-Thompson offers surgeries to contour your nose, brighten your eyes, or give you a more youthful appearance.

Breast surgeries are much more than changing your outward appearance. Most of Dr. Fynn-Thompson’s patients will tell you that their self-esteem and confidence are boosted as well.

Quincy Medical Group’s Plastic Surgery Department provides a wide array of services, from facials and chemical peels to laser hair removal. Our team will discuss your aesthetic desires and tailor a beauty regimen that meets your desires and budget.